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Saving the world

--one sparkly outfit at a time.

| leopard print is a crime against humanity |
6 May
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Two girls, an obsession with Johnny's Entertainment, a love of fashion, and a million fashion faux paux in JE—put them together and what do you get?

JE stylista - a fashion blog in which we evaluate the "fashion sense" of JE's stylists.

You know this had to be done. ♥

Rose is the calmest of the two, and is probably the Koyamama of the group. But then, she's also the sarcastic Ryo. She's the sleep-deprived Yamapi and the overworked Kame. She really, really tries to be logical about this kind of thing, but there are times when spazzing/vomiting is inevitable. She likes to sing (especially JE songs) and cannot dance for beans. Her favorite groups are KAT-TUN (for the music and Ueda) and NEWS (for the sparkles).

Lizzie is the most hyper of the group, and is the Tegoshi--Rose babies her like none other. She's also kind of like Massu, but only because she's pretty much happy all the time. Her comments will probably be the most repetitive, as her most used phrase when watching JE perform is "It looks like a rainbow threw up on them." Lizzie likes to shop, therefore she really likes fashion. She likes Shige to an unhealthy extent. So yeah, her favorite group is NEWS. No duh.