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29 June 2009 @ 04:30 pm
Wink Up 07.2009 - Yamapi  
je_stylista  will be doing these random little posts here and there if one of us spots something that needs to be commented on. These entries might contain one or more pictures, but there usually won't be many.

In this case, Rose spotted this and nearly screamed.


Rose: Oh my god, someone shoot me. My eyessss. *cough* Okay, so. Yamapi, cut your hair. For the love of all that is beautiful and pure, you look like a caveman with your hair like that in that pose. That hideous... sweatshirt-thing, too, replace it with something that doesn't clash. Like, the blue drawstrings with the red-orange-brown-whut pattern just does not work. The pattern just makes him look wide, and when paired with a bare leg, make him look absolutely unproportional. Now the shorts are too short for his legs; maybe a few centimeters longer would be better. White shorts are also a no-no most of the time. Am I the only one that hates black trainers? On anyone, really. They always make legs look shorter for some reason, especially paired with that anklet.

Lizzie: OMFG YAMAPI IS ON FIRE WE MUST SAVE HIM! CALLING ALL FAN GIRLS BRING WATER! Oh wait...that's just his sweatshirt. And I suppose that hair-do was NOT from doing the stop-drop-and-roll move over and over again...Shame. It would have made more sense. *Is hypnotized by the random blue strings* Why are they blue? I can't stop staring at them. *Forces self to move on* Okay I think he stole those shorts from the girl isle because they look exactly like a pair of bermudas that I have. Like, exactly. Rose is not alone in her dislike for black trainers. *shudders* It's like...I can't stop staring at this picture...but at the same time my mind is begging me to look away!

Well, the jury has it. Someone shoot the designers. And hire us, please. :D
 Hehe. *goes of into fantasy world about styling for the JE boys* anywho, yes please shoot the designers. How dare they light Yamapi on fire just for a photoshoot. It's a tad cruel don't you think?
Emotion: shockedshocked
lonelyxlovers on June 29th, 2009 09:16 pm (UTC)
seriously...i have no words.