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02 February 2011 @ 11:49 am
Nylon January 2011 - Kame  
And... we're failing again. >.> Rose has lots of new pictures but somehow, some way, she always forgets. Don't shoot? We have pretty Kame to make up for it. ;A; And a lot of LIVEx3 caps are waiting to be pasted together. XD But trust me, we have decent things to say about that (including the fact that Shige's pink jacket looks like the Comme des garcons blanket jacket akfl;alsdfasd LOVE LOVE LOVE /flails). For now, have Kame from the January '11 issue of Nylon. :)

Rose: Okay, Kame, let's talk about your lovely lovely sweater over plaid shirt combo and just ignore the enormous black gloves they've given you, okay? The grey is warm and complements the cool tones of the plaid because it's neutral, while the splash of orange against the aqua adds a little pop and contrast to the picture. The overalls make me wonder if he was gardening (which kind of explains the gloves), but having only one side hooked makes it a little less obvious that he's wearing something I used to wear back when I was like seven. The hat kind of pulls everything together, which is always a good thing.

Lizzie: Okay, I love it. Almost. Anyone else reminded of a...okay I cannot think of anything in which to compare those gloves. Ignoring, ignoring even if it kills me. So, the fedora was a marvelous touch, you can NEVER go wrong with a fedora ladies and gentlemen. The pose is lovely. Because of it, it took me a good 5 minutes of examining the picture to discover the overalls. I'm not a fan of overalls. At all. Once you actually see the overalls, you realize that they are all bunched up and make Kame kind of look like a mutant. Not so very attractive. Also, his right arm looks really pudgy because of the sleeve and the glove. I must admit though, everything else is pretty dam good. He looks kind of cozy. Definitely going with the work lumberjack then. 

Rose: Can I just say how much I don't understand the trend of studs on the shoulders of leather jackets? It looks cool, but it's also kind of like, "yeah, I wouldn't want to accidentally bump into you". Not that my shoulders reach that high, but whatever. I do adore the monochrome scheme going on here; Kame looks good in black and grey. The relative absence of white makes it a little softer to look at, while the shiny silver studs on his shoulders, jacket lapel, and belt, along with the chain on his jeans, catch attention. The jacket is a gorgeous cut on Kame (why can't my leather jacket look that good on me ;__;) and the little details keep it interesting, There's not much to say about the jeans, other than that I adore the one strategic hole and worn spots on the legs. His hair really completes the biker-chic look about him, but then he's pouting and I can't help but laugh because Kame is just... so cute. XD

Lizzie: So! We have a lumberjack in a biker jacket. Yeah, no. Sorry Kame, I simply hate cozy flannel shirts mixed with studded leather. It confuses me. If the jacket had no studs, and was perhaps a dark dark brown, the picture would make a little more sense. Ignoring the studs, the jacket's actual shape is nice (although me thinks the weird position of the zipper was not necessary). I enjoy those jeans. The wash is gorgeous and the hole is perfect because it doesn't give everyone a peep show of Kame's thigh, which is nice. I was never a fan of chains, but here, quite honestly, the chain kind of works in its own way. Its subtle at least. Looking at each part individually, the outfit sounds pretty bad, but  when put together, it looks pretty good! Just get a different shirt, Kame.  

Rose: BLAZERS. THANK YOU. I love Kame's arms (who doesn't?) and the rolled up sleeves really draw attention to them. It looks like he's wearing a white necklace over the button-up, which is odd but not necessarily a bad thing. It's one of those little details that makes you look closer, like the cuffs of his blazer or whatever it is they've got stuffed down the front pocket. Skinny pants suit Kame a surprising amount because he's actually proportional (unlike some of the guys I know) and look very sleek against the slightly larger blazer. I can't say I love the leopard print shoes, but they kind of work in context; keeps things from getting boring with an otherwise very plain ensemble.

Lizzie: I was nearly dancing with happiness until I saw those shows. Those awful, awful shoes. I actually disagree with my mate up there, I really don't think they work that nicely at all. Perhaps that is because I loath leopard print from the bottom of my heart. I think if the stylists wanted a little spark of interest, they should have put in a dog in the shoot. That's always the perfect accessory. Ok, totally kidding, but seriously, I hate those shoes with a passion. I would have enjoyed black and white oxfords instead. For once, I have nothing much to say about the rest of the outfit, except OMFG THANK YOU KAME ILY. Oh, and also, his face is a little weird. Like he's going to be sick or something. Probably because of those shoes. 

Rose: This looks so summery and comfortable. ;o; I love the jacket to bits and pieces, right down to the circular zipper pull. It's got that semblance of military/utilitarian with the button holes on both sides, while not being completely so because of the pockets on the sides, which look kind of like the pockets on back of denim jeans. The deep khaki of the patterned shirt really keeps it from being a completely solid outfit. I'm not really loving the solid satiny shirt underneath, but it's covered so I can deal. The fact that his pants are a similar shade of tan bothers me; I'd really prefer seeing something a little darker on bottom, like a slightly light-wash jean or cargo pants.

Lizzie: He looks like a naughty little boy who was shoved into a nice outfit by his parents and is dying for an opportunity to jump out of it. He'll pose for pictures all nice, or at least stand still for them, but the instant he's out of his parents' sight, that outfit is coming off. Getting back to reality, everything just doesn't look like it fits very nicely with his figure, the zipper is in a weird place again, the sleeves are in a weird place and rolled up weirdly, and he needs more darker tones SOMEWHERE besides the background. Wow, today I am being really cynical...

Rose: 4 out of 5 stars. The low points of this were definitely the gloves, severe lack of expression on Kame's face, and the fact that he's wearing a button-up shirt in every single one of these pictures. I love them, but ack, they're a little overdone now. My favorite outfit is definitely the one with the blazer, despite the leopard-print shoes. The more you stare at them, the better they look. >.> The leather jacket just lost out because I'm not really a fan of the enormous amount of studs the designers shoved on the jacket, but maybe I'll learn to love it.

Lizzie: Even though I was being really cynical today, I too give it 4 stars. Despite its bad points, which were many and which were very bad, there were also many good points which I did not really go over in my commentary for each picture. What killed the shoot were those leopard print shoes, monster gloves, and that last outfit but what brought it up was everything else. Especially the blazer outfit. I give a pat on the back to the stylist who put this all together. And then I "accidently" miss and smack the back of their head. Whoopsie.   

credit for the images goes to orange-chan at tumblr.
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