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13 August 2009 @ 04:42 pm
COOL TRANS September 2009 - Yamapi  
Another mini-post to tide you guys over until Rose gets off her arse starts being productive and finishes capping N.E.W.Story. Which we apologize for. ^^;

But for now, we bring you scans from COOL TRANS September 2009. In honor of our newly pink nails (which Rose blames entirely on Yamapi), it's more Yamapi. Scans are large.

Rose: W-well, so far it's okay. The vest is very pretty, and I really love checks. Paired with the low neckline, it shows enough skin to be summery, but not so much that you see cleavage wonder about his integrity. The dark navy is a great compliment to his tan, and the patch on the chest is cute. Monkey. I also really like the burnt-orangey-red beaded necklace because it's eye-catching but still compliments the rest of his clothes. The cord that reaches under his shirt is a nice touch. His hair, too, looks good for once.
Lizzie: After viewing Koi no ABO photos, I am in love with his hair in this one. It's much better than the Yama-fro he had...So yeah, my first thoughts over-all were "Go Bears!" cause...of...the orange and blue...yeah, I'm sure that was obvious. Anyway I am in total agreement with Rose over this, I give the stylists thumbs up for once.

Rose: The boy knows how to pose. Same outfit from before, but a full-body shot and in black and white. His pants look khaki, which wouldn't be too bad with the vest and shirt. The cut isn't bad either, and though I really loathe capri pants on men, they look cute. Maybe if he rolled them up a tad to give it just a bit more of a rugged look and switched the clonky loafer-things to flip flops, the outfit would come together nicely.
Lizzie: Those shoes...ew. Well the outfit is okay full body, although I dislike his middle area. It looks odd. 'Least to me. I can't really tell where the khakis actually end because of shadow, but I have a sneaky suspicion, one which displeases me.

Rose: Hello, very cute outfit~ Rolling the sleeves of his T-shirt up shows off more arm, which makes him look longer. It's a good thing since Pi's kind of widely built. The color of the shirt still works well with the beaded necklace, since it's got a hint of warmth in it. And face it, the bulldog is cute. I like the cords hanging off the pants, since it adds something light to the outfit. The, um, shawl looks okay, but I wonder if a navy blue pinstripe vest would look better. See my bias for vests? Yeah, that's going to keep coming up.
Lizzie: I like it all^^ Makes me think he's going to the gym though. At first glance I thought he had an American flag over his shoulders and I got really excited. But I suppose stars are okay too...A different pattern would look a bit better though.

Rose: SUSPENDERS AND COLLARED SHIRTS. HI. YES. THANK YOU. The warm grey paired with the white looks great, and the dark slacks offset it nicely. I think it's either tweed or just a really tightly woven denim, but I'm not sure. The waistband of the pants looks like it's at kind of an awkward spot for me, and I kind of wish the slacks had some sort of decoration, like a silver button or some white stitching. The necklace makes its return, and it draws attention to Pi's neck, which makes it look longer, especially with the open neck of the button-up.
Lizzie: I really like this because it reminds me of Shige <3. I adore the top, and when I saw the suspenders I got even more excited, but his middle made me frown again. Makes him look fat or something, especially since the pants get more narrow at the knees. But I do like the pants and for the shoes I have no complaints. Not bad, not bad.

Final verdict:
Rose: Overall, it's a really nice shoot. I didn't use some of the pictures because black and white is kind of useless since I like to talk about the colors. It had a really nice navy-grey-white theme, with the colors and the burnt red-orange beaded necklace recurring in each picture. Yamapi's hair, too, looked nice for once since he got it permed.
Lizzie: Well, his hair was amazing, and I really liked that one necklace that kept coming up. Over-all it was not bad at all and I give the stylists small pats on the back. 

Scans found here.
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A little preview of what awaits you for N.E.W.S.:

Cry with us at the sparkles.
lonelyxlovers on August 15th, 2009 01:27 am (UTC)
his hair made me happy in this shoot! he doesn't look like a middle-aged woman!
the last one is my favorite, though, i agree with his middle looking weird. it doesn't make him look fat. just...awkward.

oh, i cannot wait for what's coming.
| leopard print is a crime against humanity |je_stylista on August 15th, 2009 01:40 am (UTC)
middle-aged woman. I think you just made my life.
lonelyxlovers on August 15th, 2009 01:50 am (UTC)
what? you didn't think so?
| leopard print is a crime against humanity |je_stylista on August 15th, 2009 02:16 am (UTC)
that's the first time I've heard it that way. and it works so perfectly. XD
lonelyxlovers on August 15th, 2009 03:19 am (UTC)
well, i think every guy with a perm looks like a middle-aged woman.

except for matsujun. not that i'm justifying the domyouji curls.
| leopard print is a crime against humanity |je_stylista on August 15th, 2009 04:46 pm (UTC)
bonus points for using Koreans.
lonelyxlovers on August 15th, 2009 06:10 pm (UTC)